Anonymous said: I just got out of a relationship with my ex of 3 years. He started being abusive 2 year ago, but after he while he stopped. But I could never forgive him for his past actions (getting slapped, bruises, etc), that for the remaining time we were together, I would always bring up his past when the fight was getting aggressive. I feel like its my fault that I got dumped because he really was trying but I kept bringing up his past and I'm so regretful. 21/F/NY

I’m understanding this in the point of view where you were afraid of what happened could happen again. So in a way, you were defending yourself right? the MINUTE anybody lays a hand on you negatively, leave them. Your love for yourself is always so much more worth it than your love for other people. It’s NOT your fault you got dumped, I think he did you a favour. You did the right thing, don’t doubt it. Go on and find someone who’s worth your time and won’t ever hurt you. 

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Anonymous said: there's this guy that keeps calling me and texting me. We hang out often but I'm afraid I'm not falling for him and im not atracted to him either. i don't know if i should keep dating him or not. Yet i think if i get to like him it will be a good relationship . what should i do?

you shouldn’t have dated him in the first place if you weren’t sure of your own feelings. he might really like you and if you don’t, you’ve just been playing with his emotions all this time. also, don’t force yourself to like him just cause you think it’ll be a good relationship. it should be natural, so if you don’t like him, be honest to him and yourself. :) 

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Anonymous said: I told this guy that i liked him and he told me that i was beautiful but he is into other things and that.. Its not the moment. So i told him that we will never talk again. Now im literally dying of anxiety because i wanna talk to him.. What should i do?

If he is not willing to recipricate the same amount of love you are giving to him, forget him and find someone who will. Life is too precious and short to waste time on people who are not worth yours.

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Anonymous said: I don't hang whit popular guys from my class,because I'm not popular I'm normal.But I had that huge crush on the most popular guy in our class.I was excited when we got to do a group homework together,just him and me.But then when we were doing the homework in my house,all alone he said he want's to have sex whit me.I said no,because we're both only 14,and I don't think that's normal for our age.He said he'll give me some time to think about it,and I still don't want to,but I don't wanna say no?

You shouldn’t do anything you’re not comfortable with and definitely not with someone you think you’d regret it with. Keep your head held up high and be the lady you are. 

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Anonymous said: Hello... Uhmm... My classmates is really mad at me. And i dont know why. Im just a shy modest girl out there who always get bullied by my classmates... I really wanna ask if how can i change myself from all the pain they brought to me. Im completely devastated... :'(

aww, you should never feel like you need to change yourself for the happiness of others. Be yourself and eventually you’ll meet people who love you for you. i know this is cliche but its the truth. chin up, sweetie. x 

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Anonymous said: Hi there. So, theres a guy (as there always is) and im crazy about him. Hes sweet, hes funny, hes smart, but he wants to have sex. I said no, and that I wasn't ready and he accepted it and stopped asking. But my bestfriend hates him and says hes only going to use me. im not sure who to believe or what to do. Im crazy about the guy, and I think his intentions are in the right place, but no one else does. Do I listen to my bestfriend, or to myself? I don't want to get hurt or used.. :S

i think that you should give the guy chance, but keep what your bestfriend says in mind, dont completely disregard her opinion as she’s probably just saying what she thinks is best. x

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Anonymous said: I have been dating for 3 months now, and my boyfriend is already talking about getting married. He makes me really happy, he is always there when I need him and he is really good to me.I thought I was sure that I loved him, but I now that I am starting to understand him more, I am not liking his personality as much. I don't like the way he thinks, and he isn't a guy I would imagine marrying. Should I just continue and get to know him even more or should I break up with him?

how old are you? but anyway, i think that maybe you should just tell him not to take things too fast, and just get to know eachother completely. x 

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Anonymous said: Are you a robot?


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dee-andra said: sorry, this is the continuation of the last msg.. So then he told me he didnt want to see me after telling me for the longest time that he did. Anyways.. One day I went online and realized he didnt answer my emails or messages and that he blocked me off him facebook and everything. I was really hurt and that was in january and he hasnt spoken to me or made any contact with me since. I'm really hurt that he just cut me off like that after so long as friends. Do you have any advice for me at all?

he sounds like an ass, don’t waste your time on him. x

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Anonymous said: My ex and I recently started to talk again. I know I'm over him because it was 4 years ago but he's told me that he still loves me. I don't know how to react. He wants me to try and love him again, but I can't. What should I do?

Nobody can tell you what to do or what not to do, whatever you feel like the right decision is, just follow your heart. And if in the end it doesn’t work out, just use it as an experience and learn from it. :D x 

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